Website for Art Galleries

Create a website

ArtSchema enables you to create a website for your gallery and feature online your exhibitions and artists. The tool allows you to make changes to the website structure, add, rename or remove pages and customize the design through the settings, publish artist pages, publications, exhibitions, exhibition artists and works.

Build and manage your gallery website

Sign up and get the default gallery website with one easy step. Manage your content and the structure of your website, add or remove pages with the special control management system (CMS) developed for galleries.

Exhibitions and art fairs archive

Add your exhibitions and art fairs archive, set the dates, filter the past, current and upcoming exhibitions with their respective image galleries, exhibition artists and publications.

Adaptive layout and customizable design

Easily control the layout and the design of your website through the settings in your CMS. Customize colors and fonts, set background images or videos, specify the number of rows and columns for relevant lists.

Feature your artists

Add artist pages and group them into “represented artists” and “works available by” lists, add artists’ artworks and other relevant information.

In-page navigation possibility

Create navigation inside individual pages and provide different sections in a single page to make it easier to refer to specific content.

Unique pages

Create unique pages for specific content with different structure and design without any effort by means of the same settings in your CMS.

Password-protected pages

Create private viewing opportunity for your inventory of artworks by means of password-protected pages and share the content with your staff or other people whom you provide the password.

Multiple Contributors

Give access to your account to other contributors who can publish and edit your website content. Invite your team to become contributors and manage your website by giving its access to your staff.

Secure hosting and support service included

Connect your website to your registered domain and get your website online on our hosting. Our support service is ready to help you keep your website going in case of any questions.