- Add your own data types for your content based on 7 core art schema data types.

- Create design based on grid system and build your own templates for specific page types.

- Add multiple languages to your website and simultaneously update your content in several languages.

- Connect the website you built to a domain and publish it online on our hosting.

What else:

Easy to use

Our set of tools allows you or your team to easily publish information, constantly update the website and do all the necessary revisions.


Websites are fully responsive and designed to adapt to all devices and browser sizes.


Setting up your new website will require only a few minutes and our tools will enable you to easily do modifications later after the launch the website.

Customizable design

Create and control your website’s layout and design with our simple interface settings that require no technical skills.

Optimized for search engines

Our search engine optimization is working to ensure your site's visibility to search engines.