About Art Schema

Art Schema was created for individuals and collectives who need to create and maintain content through websites and consider being present in the web an acceptable way for communication regardless of the positions about using the internet and being present in the media territory.

We came up with the idea of Art Schema to provide visibility to the art community creating websites with content related to art and people working in that field. However, now we do not set restrictions and are open to other autonomous and self-organized communities.

We believe that individuals and collectives, who anyway spend resources for creating a website and maintaining it, using Art Schema tool can participate in a joint creation of an autonomous economy at the same time avoiding to appear in a market serving context.

Art Schema is an annual fee based website builder for the art community, as well as individuals and collectives who find important self-sufficiency, the opportunities to exist not depending on the market rules, grant system and state support.

How does it work?

Art Schema has developed a control management system (CMS) that makes the process of creating a website easy and less time consuming. The subscription to Art Schema includes all the stages that are required to launch a website, starting from the creation and the design up to hosting the website on the servers and support service.

We have presented a number of categories for websites based on the differences of their structure, however, it is possible to create any custom made website for different kinds and different scales of projects.

Though there are set prices for different categories of websites, upon our and our community members’ consideration we can provide access to use the platform for certain users at special terms. As we understand that financial opportunities and other resources are not equally available across the world, we can consider reduction of fees for individuals or organizations with limited financial resources.

We create a community of people, based on solidarity and cooperation, with whom we will be sharing the income generated from the fees. Members who refer the Art Schema tools to their network of people in the art community receive their half of the income that was generated through their resources. The community is not restricted by a single location and any aspects of ownership.

How do we share the income generated from Art Schema?

We share the income on a permanent basis with those who become members of this community to create a mutually-sustainable mechanism of cooperation.

The individuals and collectives that need to generate money to sustain themselves can become members of the community. We consider this mechanism of building relationships a sort of taking care for each other and we do not want the money to be any sort of remuneration for work.

The mechanism can also be considered in some way as an alternative to advertising which requires to advertise your product in order to involve more people.

We believe that collectively taking responsibility for the generation of income will help the members to achieve some degree of financial security and autonomy.

We have chosen a mechanism which allows income and resource sharing. Instead of owning all the income from monetization of our skills and instead of providing some portion of our income through a grant system, we choose a way for developing relationships that are more open and at the same time interdependent.